Thursday, May 27, 2010

almost june

A Sixties Story will soon be available in print and in four e-publishing formats, including the latest, iBookstore for the iPad. Veddy exciting.

I've been keeping away from too much news since the oil spill. It's so depressing that we have unleashed into our ocean what the earth kept wisely buried for billions of years. And there's been another hit to the economy because Europe's PIIGS are going under: Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain--all overextended with no good solution except to be bailed out by other countries. Doesn't seem fair. And it's scary so the stock market drops. Greed runs the world unwisely.

In order to make sure that the younger folks can have jobs, we feel it is our civic duty to retire. Sitting in the back yard looking at our flowers and basking in the warmth and sunlight of our hard-earned good fortune seems the best option at this point. It's a lovely day every day in our back yard.  The roses are blooming. Playing around with photoshop earlier this month gave me this photo of our amazingly giant tulips.