Sunday, April 5, 2015

Chicago, my kind of town ... a small ad for my favorite big city.

James Hunter--a great singer we just heard last night at the City Winery. He blew us away.
So by the time the week is over we will have seen Mike Dvorak and Jack Clark, folk singers, at The Grafton Pub, seen Bob Dogan and his jazz group at the Jazz Showcase, gone to Timeline Theater to see the play "That Hopey Changey Thing," and seen two dynamite groups, Paul Cebar and James Hunter at the City Winery, a really great music venue--and last week we saw Kazuo Ishiguro and Alexander Hemon, two wonderful writers, in conversation at Logan Center, and "Live at the Sahara," a musical about Louis Prima and Keely Smith, at the Royal George Theatre ... ask me why I love living in Chicago ...

That's why we retired here. Not just because we both grew up here and love it because of that, but because it's also such a great city. We have great music of all kinds (jazz, blues, opera, classical, rock, you name it), which we can see in all manner of venues (big concert halls to small clubs to wonderful outdoor and indoor options), great theater (small theaters to Broadway shows), great restaurants (inexpensive ethnic to four- and five-star), fabulous museums, beautiful parks, ethnic neighborhoods with summer festivals, great shopping, even our unique Navy Pier, and so much more. 

We have great public transportation from where we live, so we don't need a car. And we have a tiny house, just the right size for us, on a quiet block with lots of trees that's near a great bike riding path, so we have our sanctuary from the world and our private park when we want to be away from it all. 

And for us, of course, best of all, our great friends live here. We don't want to be anywhere else. We have it all right here.