Wednesday, June 20, 2018

VOTE Blue in 2018 ...

For days I’ve tried figure out what to blog about. Should it be the GOP-backed kidnapping of children from their immigrant families fleeing violence?

Or maybe it should be about the health insurance companies that that may no longer offer affordable policies that cover pre-existing conditions? 

Or there is the fact that the GOP has abolished regulations that keep water and air safe for our consumption. 

And we can’t forget the chaos caused by Trump’s trade tariffs that make enemies of our allies. And so much more.

Greed always trumps humanity in this administration. The financial and pharmaceutical industries as well as big corporations love the de-regulation and huge tax cuts the GOP have provided them. Profits are soaring. GOP campaign contributions and perks soar along with them.

The majority of US voters do not want the government that was imposed on them in 2016 by the GOPs gerrymandering, voter suppression, fear-mongering and Russian interference. This fall we need to overcome all of those tactics and bring about a government that can take its place in the world as a nation that is concerned about human rights, fair trade and protecting the environment. 

Whatever your concerns are about this Republican-ruled country, voting in November is our hope for change. We must elect thoughtful, caring, tolerant people who can enact common-sense solutions to problems. VOTE BLUE so we can move on to the future with hope.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A Sixties Story website is back up and running!

There’s been a short hiatus, but it’s up again now. Checkout the new book pricing while you’re there: $10.99 for paperback, $2.99 for digital ebooks.