Thursday, February 3, 2011

mark & toni's blizzard adventure

We made it through the blizzard fine. Our awning ... not so fine.

So there we were, about 11:30pm safe from the raging blizzard outside, drinking wine, staying warm and watching TV, when we heard a loud banging at the front door. When we opened the door we saw our 6 foot by 6 foot awning hanging precariously by one corner and flapping loudly against the door. Suddenly, with a large bang! it fell on the porch. The whole awning was leaning heavily against the front door, making it impossible to open. The wind was howling around it and we didn't want it to blow through someone's window. So Mark was a real hero and had much greater presence of mind than I did. He braved the 50mph winds and driving snow and went out the back door and around the house to the front so that he could move the awning away from the door. Once we had the door open, we ignored the snow and wind and picked up the awning and moved it into the bathroom, dripping wet. Each time we passed the bathroom we marvelled that we had our awning in our bathroom. It's by the side of the house now and we're thinking the garbage men will take it away next week. The house looks a little bare without it.

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