Thursday, October 20, 2011

I decided to put all of these things on the blog so I could link it to FB and Twitter.  I know some of you won't care or already know about them. So, forgive me for the overlap and just skim through those parts that don't interest you.

(1) I just checked the the Occupy Together website and it looks like there's an ongoing demonstration at 230 S. LaSalle. Check it out if you're interested in a list of Chicago events as well as other dates planned in other cities.   
    No arrests planned. After going through the 68 convention, I think peaceful protesting is the most productive.

(2) A Touch of the Poet. An O'Neill play that isn't performed very often. Our friend (and maybe yours), Larry Garner, is in it. Here's a website URL for the play: 

Russ and Jeannie's performances for the next couple of months are:
(3) Jeannie will be at Katerina's on December 5. (Due to a conflict in bookings, Jeannie, our favorite jazz singer--standards are her forte--won't be at Katerina's in November for her regular first Monday of the month gig.)
    In the meantime, visit Jeannie's fantastic brand new website. It's well worth it.

(4)  Russ will be performing with Petra's Recession 7 (a great Dixieland band) at Katerina's on the third Thursday of the month. This is a really good group. If you missed them at the Jazz Festival this year, here's your chance to see them.
    And here's a URL for a live performance of the Recession 7:  

Here' the URL for Katerina's a jazz bar we know and love. We also saw Ponticelli's group there a couple of months ago and loved it.

(5) Russ will be at Andy's with the Windy City All Stars on Wednesdays in November and December, from
5:00pm to 8:30pm. (However, Russ will be at another gig on November 9th.). For those of you who were at our wedding, the Windy City All Stars, featuring Jeannie Lambert as bandleader, was our wedding band at Andys, and a great time was had by all. Lucky for us, Jeannie usually sits in on a couple of tunes with the Windy City All Stars when they are at Andy's. 
    To see the Windy City All Stars playing one of our favorite tunes on YouTube (and the tune that was the recessional at our wedding), go to :

Russ's website is where you can be treated to hearing him on his trombone on great standards from his CDs:

(6) While I'm at it, I have to mention that last week we went to see a great group at a really fun place: The Deep Chicago Rhythm Owls at the California Clipper.
    For a taste of the Owls "eclectic mix of traditional American Roots music," here's a website you can hear them on. (For starters, I recommend Hey, Hey, Daddy Blues):
    The California Clipper is a Chicago bar that shouldn't be missed. It's a beautifully "restored retro cocktail lounge that will take you back to the 1940s." Here's the URL. 
I love the home page:

And, moving on in our eclectic list of events:
(7) Performances we're going to the Lyric:
Boris Gudunov
Ariadne auf Naxos
The Magic Flute
URL for the Lyric:

(8) MetLive performances we're probably going to at Kerasotes City North, 2600 N. Western 
in Chicago:
The Enchanted Island

Hope to see at something. Let us know what you're doing!


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