Friday, March 9, 2012

We Blue Staters Provide for Red Staters--who hate us--what kind of fools are we?

Read this story, Blue States Provide. Red States are Parasites.

Have I got this right? Red states are fighting for lower taxes, yet they get more money back for their taxes than blue states, which means they get blue state tax money to supplement their red state tax money. If they don't want blue state tax money, why are we fighting to give it to them? They hate us for it.

What a crazy woild we live in. Sometimes I wish Lincoln had let the south secede and offered sanctuary and 40 acres and a mule to all African-Americans. The America envisioned by red state people would have mandatory Christian church-going, no public schools, no unemployment insurance or aid to indigent people, no government supported highways, police, firemen, no social security, no medicare or medicaid, no unions ... and that's the short list.

YIKES. If that's the world they want, why are we fighting to pay our hard-earned blue state money to keep them from it? They hate us for wanting all the things we provide them with our blue state supplement. We goody two-shoes blue staters need to think this through.

Just imagine, if we didn't have to support the red states with our tax money, we could keep disbursing our blue state tax money in the blue states and have the secular America we want--with good schools and a strong infrastructure and union wages and a great safety net ... the list goes on.

If they don't want higher taxes or government in their lives, is there any way we can let them go their own way and save our hard-earned blue state tax money for blue states?

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