Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Republican Vision ...

As near as I can tell, in the world the Republicans are fighting for there will be:
  • no funding above sequester levels
  • no reproductive choices for women 
  • no raises in the minimum wage
  • no Social Security
  • no Medicare 
  • repeal of the Affordable Care Act (millions will again be at the mercy of insurance companies or have no insurance) 
  • as little funding for social programs as possible (after all, food stamps and unemployment only make people lazier)
  • no same sex marriage 
  • no voting rights act
  • no additional funding for service people, their families or veterans programs
  • an end to public education (charters are not better, but they are for-profit) 
  • no unions to help people get better pay or benefits 
  • no pollution or safety regulations on industry (no legal protection for citizens)

HOWEVER, there will also be:
  • politicians who have a license to lie in political campaigns
  • guns everywhere and anywhere
  • license to shoot at anyone you say you don't like the looks of
  • PLENTY of money for military defense contractors like Blackwell (who do shoddy work for billions of taxpayer money)
  • lots of tax breaks so corporations and rich people get richer

Democrats need to vote if they don't want the world the Republicans want.

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