Thursday, December 3, 2009

staying sane

I ran into this beautiful picture of someone's back yard on the internet and copied it to hang on my wall. We are tuned in to so much 'news' and non-news and pseudo news about the goings on in this crazy world. It's an information overload for sure.

This picture reminds that there is sanity in the world. We have our families and friends and music and art and our lives.

The world has always had its madness and now is no different. Humor is the best defense in a mad world. Comedy is the best counter to insanity. Laughter is the best medicine, that cliche is true. And we are the luckiest people on the planet to have been born when and where we were. I cannot imagine wearing a burka. I'd be either murdered or commit suicide I'm sure.

Last night Mark and I celebrated our 10 years of happiness together. It was nine years from the night that Mark proposed. We reminisced about how amazed we both were that we were in our fifties and we were each getting married for the first time. And our story was so serendipitous. Working together but not dating 25 years before Mark recognized me as I passed him on the street and then decided to take a chance and call me. It was as thought fate intervened and said, OK, this time you are going to get together. And we did.

We remembered that the night he proposed was cold and crisp and beautiful. We had walked home reveling in how lucky we were that he saw me and decided to call. We were so enjoying the idea of being married. It's even better than we thought it would be. Well worth the wait.

Holidays approach and right on cue, we are suddenly way too busy even though we had nothing on the calendar until this week. So much to do so little time. A bit of fun in the midst of insanity.

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