Tuesday, December 1, 2009

wars and more ...

So we are at war for another what, eighteen months, two years? Hard to tell. I guess I don't know any better than President Obama what's best and I'm glad it wasn't my decision, but escalating so that we can leave sounds so much like Viet Nam ...

To keep our minds off all of that, we have Sarah Palin and the gossip about White House party crashers ... what a woild, what a woild. It boggles the mind. Thanks to Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert for keeping us sane.

And there's jazz at Andy's on Thursdays in December with Russ Phillip's quartet, with Jeannie Lambert sitting in. And working on my book about what I did in the sixties. Why do I want the world to know? I'm not sure, but I'm going ahead with self-publishing anyway. Six months from now, it will be out there.

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