Wednesday, October 27, 2010

new cover design ... and election notes

one of the new cover designs
One of the two new cover designs has arrived. The other is scheduled to be here on the 29th. I never dreamed that it would be so difficult to get the cover right. But it is. I'm really hoping that my book is a good holiday gift idea, but at this rate, well, I don't know. I'm out of rationalizations of why this is probably for the best. It is what it is.

I'm so worried about the election. It just can't be that many of the sensible people who voted for Obama would rather go back to the disaster we had with Bush or worse, much worse.

I don't know why the Democrats don't run on their record. I heard that 15,000 infrastructure projects were completed with TARP money. More jobs have been created on Obama's year-and-a-half watch than were created in Bush's eight years. Why not tell people that? And health care reform will save millions of dollars over the next few years. Isn't that better than spending 700 million dollars to make rich people richer? It's a crazy world, but hopefully people won't be crazy enough to vote anything but Democratic.

I wish we could be at the Sanity/Fear Rally this Saturday. I'm sure it will be fun and people will feel very good about being there.

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