Thursday, December 23, 2010

First Amazon review of A Sixties Story

I never realized how much it would mean to see my first review on Amazon: 

Toni Apicelli's memoir of an age, A Sixties Story, is a simple, direct and admirably modest recollection of her own life as seen against the times she lived in. It is full of remembered and researched detail covering more than half a century of post-war American life. Apicelli is an unflinching story teller who writes her story beautifully. Her account of being young in those times supplies a much-needed corrective to numerous unchallenged and ideologically motivated pejoratives about the times. A Sixties Story is ideally suited to be a primary source document for college history courses, generous in first person perceptions of cultural, social, political and economic history. If for no other reason, pick up a copy of A Sixties Story to find out how Toni and her friends reacted to the wide-spread panic of the Cuban Missile Crisis!

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